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We think music is the key – the medium, and the goal. People always needed a rhythm in life, and the creators of rhythm, time & again, came to rescue. And every savior needed a platform to reach the masses.

The Raipur Chhattishgar’s local DJs group sensed the need for such a platform and immediately called in all the forces of artists, both DJs & Producers, Dj setup owners and collaborated together to build the necessary stage. Like-minded people bound together, with common passion joined hands to create an exemplary and magnificent platform called “All Indian DJs.Club” for all the talented underground musicians irrespective of their style or genre. This platform went on to gain love, respect, popularity, and support from all the sections of the music lovers and artists alike, be it Indian or International, in just a matter of few months. and this website is inspired byALLINDIANDJSCLUB

we are proud to introduce our official website for all the talented artists whose works spell finesse & the definition of “HIGH QUALITY”. Yes, “All Indian DJs Club” is more inclined towards high-quality music rather than quantity. We are here to promote only top-notch music, “providing artists with immense opportunities rather than just propagating our own brand name” is our sole motto. Through our official site, we will be delivering the best of both Indian and International work across the globe.

We staunchly refuse to be genre-biased.

Be it our own Chhattisgarh Folk MUSIC, Bollywood, or International EDM or Pock / Pop, we promote just about everything. Why? Because we love all. We’ll deliver everything from artists’ albums to compilation albums, singles to sets, mix-tapes to podcasts! You name it, we provide it!

ALLINDIANDJS.CLUB would also take immense pride to announce that we are taking care of artists’ booking, events organizing, clubs’ booking, and arranging various DJ competition events through our “EVENTS” section.

A high quality, very versatile, and a passionate bunch of people.

Let us all embrace the heavenly fascination & inspire generations to come.

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